Ergo Home Energy Ltd

Θεσσαλονίκης 14, Ταχ. Κωδ. 2643, Βιομηχανική Περιοχή Εργατών, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος. Τ.Θ 26774, Τ.Κ 1647

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-Supply, installation and maintenance of all kinds of photovoltaic systems for households and industrial buildings

-ESCO (Energy Service Company)

-Proposals for project co-financing, including but not limited to Renewable energy and energy saving projects.

-Energy Audits and studies from certified and registered energy auditor

-Certification of energy performance of building.

-Voltage optimization solutions for domestic and industrial consumers

-Photometric studies and supply of new technology low energy consumption lighting units


Ergo Home Group of companies is a group with an extensive local and international presence that has been actively involved in the energy sector since 2010, via its subsidiary company Ergo Energy.

For the last 6 years, Ergo Energy was active in the field of renewable energy systems, with focus on the installation and trading of photovoltaic systems and components. It has installed and commissioned for its customers photovoltaic  parks  of 100-150KWp and smaller systems in industrial buildings and housing units, exceeding a total capacity of 6,5MWp and has emerged as the industry leader in Cyprus, with a proven track record.

Ergo Energy has developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, inverters and other energy systems and components. All its business associates are fully certified, according to international and European standards and provide written warranties for all equipment and components.

Ergo Energy features a group of high caliber experienced engineers and executive personnel, allowing the company to offer complete solutions, regardless of the size and location of the projects, ranging from the preliminary study of the investment, through to the actual installation and commissioning.

Recently the company’s board of directors, made a turn in their focus towards the energy saving sector and in parallel committed towards the creation of one of the first ESCO companies in Cyprus. With the assistance of the mother company, ERGO ENERGY engaged in the process of establishing the necessary funds in order to offer complete solutions to its customers that include financing. Using its General Manager’s 13 year experience in the Cyprus’s energy sector and following his successful registration as an Energy Auditor in the government’s records, ERGO ENERGY started offering its energy services in 2015.

The goal of Ergo Energy, is to combine PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY and CONTROL, in order to ensure the optimal relationship between COST and PROFIT for any investment that falls under the category energy production and energy saving.

The experience gained over the years allows the company to select the best and most suitable technologies and product manufacturers for each new energy investment. In combination with the flawless installation and supervision Ergo Energy is in a strong position that allows her to guaranty to its self and to its customers the best possible economic and environmental benefit.

The above are ingredients  of immense  importance and of extreme priority to any large energy consumer that seeks a partnership with a reliable ESCO company in order to materialize any project, regardless of size and capital expenditure.